HTC has become the largest market for mobile phones

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On April 6, 2011, China Taiwan mobile phone manufacturer HTC market value of 337.9 billion Nokia, 328.4 billion market value. HTC, Apple becomes the value of the second home market after Nokia mobile phone manufacturers beyond. This means that HTC has become a market capitalization of global after apple phone manufacturer.

Judging by the style of the brand, worldwide mobile phone maker HTC has introduced in the first field, the tonsure halfway, that's exactly why? Nokia is to transcend the delay and Industrial holds the password? Beyond HTC is once again after more agree, after all?

2010, HTC has become the largest market for mobile phones of a black horse.

Full HTC Taiwan International Electronics Co., Ltd.., Established in May 1997, 15 are located in Taoyuan Taiwan. Before 2006, OEM, ODM (HTC paper-based systems with the producers with the original design, the design of its products from other manufacturers tiepai) First, for each major mobile operators Euramerican custom make sales products not only to foreigners. Other HTC phones, OEM product outside of traditional PDA products such as HP iPAQ, Compaq, Dell and other brands, Palm PDAs are OEM by HTC.

Since June 2006, he began to develop his own brand HTC today, the main production of Microsoft Windows Mobile / Smartphone Phone7 wells and Google Android system.

More than four years on the road, make the HTC independent global market automatically. The latest figures show that the HTC Q3 2010 annual deliveries of 2.46 million mobile phones from HTC, 110.3% in 2009 to 11.7 million, a strong increase in revenues reached $ 70 billion, an increase in 2009, while its advantage is 93 percent to 1.3 billion euros. The average price of HTC phones in early 2010 to the end of $ 339 to $ 364, indicating the location of the high-end HTC smartphone moves. Currently, HTC has become the fourth largest producer of smartphones.

Meanwhile, in the global market for Android smartphones, HTC has become the undisputed leader. Mobile analytics firm Flurry in the U.S., according to data released by the world market in 2010 Android, HTC, which holds the largest market share, representing more than 30% to 32%. Samsung, Motorola, respectively 27%, 24 percent, followed by market share.

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Comparison Tablet PC Versus Netbook

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There are two decades, the choice of a computer is much easier than it is today. At this time, only the Office were there and all I had to do was to decide which brand to go. The situation has changed dramatically, with a consumer bombed with a selection of different types, ranging from Tablet PCs, netbooks, computer laptops, desktops, on a large scale, with different sets of features and price. Two newcomers to the technology of desktop computers and netbooks are taking market share from notebooks and Office for a long time. The objective of the writing of this article Buzzle is to explain the difference between Tablet PCs and netbooks, which will help you to make a choice between the two.

Compare of Tablet PC Versus Netbook
Today, a smartphone like the iPhone of Apple or Droid X are minicomputers in their own right. He is additional pressure on the manufacturers of computers to the competition in this market of smartphones. If you are looking for a team, not as bulky as a computer laptop, but light enough to be carried in a bag, ideal for access to the Internet, you have two options to the choice - not a Tablet PC and l "is a netbook. In what follows, we present a brief comparison of tablets against netbooks.

Characteristics report
Let me introduce you to Tablet PC. Think of the most compact and what you get is a Tablet PC with touch screen usually 7 "to 10", weighing less than a pound. Suppliers universal feature screen touch, ultra-portable size, access to wireless Internet and a database of 3 G.

Tablets such as the iPad 2 Apple does not have a built-in keyboard, but you can connect an external. It can perform a wide range of applications, including desktop applications, web browsers and different games. Most of them are built with a capacitive multi-touch screen LCD with backlight appropriate.

They double as electronic book readers, PDAs and multimedia players. A part of the computer best Tablet Dell Streak choose HP Touchpad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry rising. Due to their small size, these Tablet PC has a range longer than laptops and desktop computers. Any use of SSD with a maximum capacity of 32 GB memory on average. Average life expectancy is 4-10 hours.

Relative to the Tablet PC rather unconventional research, netbooks are miniature versions of laptops with screen from 10 sizes "12" screen and the keyboard. They come with built in adapter Wi - Fi and an Intel Atom processor, which has a very low power consumption. You can perform all the basic functions, such as Web browsing, text and multimedia processing run applications. They have a life expectancy of up to 7 hours to over 10 hours. There are many options in the Tablet space, if you go there.

NetBook is highly portable weighing in general of the order of 1 to 1.5 kg. What separates Tablet PC is the keyboard. For those who are accustomed to keyboards, netbooks will be a more practical option. Netbooks also provide a capacity of RAM and storage from the Tablet PC space. You will need to purchase an additional keyboard for Tablet PC. Netbooks tend to be more robust with respect to the Tablet PC.

The price of PC tablets as iPad 2 Apple is quite high compared to netbooks, which can be purchased for less than half the price. For example, the Apple iPad 2 3 G + Wi - Fi costs $800 more, but most of the netbooks can be purchased for a price of about $300, while offering increased functionality. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget opt for netbooks, instead of opting for a Tablet PC. The rise in the price of the Tablet PC high range can be attributed to its compact design, the touch interface and SSD.

Tablets are ideal for people who are in the normal mode and need for an easy to use your computer to surf the Internet, networking applications social, it can function as an ebook reader and more to be a media player. However, if you want a cheap computer that is not as expensive as a laptop computer, but acts as an equivalent substitute, netbook is the best choice. As mentioned above, the Tablet PC and the Apple iPad are very expensive to netbooks that offer the same functionality as for a price much lower.

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