Tablet 2012 Android Honeycomb

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The comes of Tablets 2012 is full of surprises. The first of the launchers android tablet in 2012 will be technology giant Intel. Intel representatives have revealed fragments of Medfield Atom Tablet version of its collaboration with Google and Honeycomb. The Android Honeycomb Medfield prototype for what is presented as a slide show. His performance seems to be great and the design is very elegant and surprising to have many similarities with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Another attraction to look for is the Android based Tablet stoppage of play that probably will hit stores in 2012 also. It is widely said that GameStop Tablet Android version includes all the features of success and power as spontaneous interface, protected purchase organization, excellent streaming and perfect tablet functions. The tablet will come pre-loaded with games and the ability to interrupt the flow of the game using the game console to move to the tablet. In addition, a buzz in the air is that Motorola plans to launch a new tablet for 2012 with high resolution display higher quality after the success of Motorola Xoom. To beat Apple iPad2 Motorola has put much effort into this tablet. It will have a 10-inch screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and is one of the best quality and display devices ever made.

The popularity and success of future Android tablets can be seen in the fact that shipments of Android is expected to increase to 130% next year compared to the Apple iPad shipments are expected to increase by 55% according to android news and forums.

Analysts say Apple's iPad continues to conquer the Android tablet market in 2012. However, Samsung, LG and Motorola tablets will give a tough competition to the iPad. It is also said that Microsoft will soon produce their own Android tablets running as the next generation of Microsoft Windows. As Android phones have eclipsed the Apple iPhones and are sold more than them, the same way Android tablets are intended to outsell the iPad in 2012. Although this is not true, Apple must be vigilant to have a tough competition for tablets in the future.

Another highlight is that USSA (U.S. Cellular Announcements) have announced a September release tablets Android phones in 2012. It will include a 7-inch Android tablet called HTC Flyer. Also includes 4.3-inch to 1 GHz Motorola LG will announce one of the best and lightest in design android tablet phone which will feature 4-inch touch screen. Samsung and Huawei will also announce the first Android Tablet in the series in 2012. There are many that comes your way, if you're a tech geek who want to buy the tablet from the most innovative and feature-rich, 2012.

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