Reported - Android malware up 76 percent

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 2:44 AM
Android malware up 76 percent, nonexistent on iOS

PDTA recent study has shown that Apple's iOS is still affected by malware, and users who choose the Google Android platform is 76 percent more likely to be found with the original software , which makes it more likely that the mobile operating system world. McAfee Threat Report 's for the second quarter of 2011 outlined the challenges that developers of mobile gadget operating system. It seems that the rigid position in Apple iOS applications and games so far hampered all attempts to attack malware.The only on iPhone may affect unlocked phones. (Remember feat Rick Astley?) And only a small number of those.Google On the other hand, has a much less stringent for applications and games on the Android platform. This caused a lot of titles to download malware on Google Android Marketplace, and separated from users.With 44 cases of malware in the second quarter, Android is almost f our time, the more specific the second platform, Java ME, with WebOS fourteen cases.HP content without known cases of malware, to join as the only mobile platform iOS without blemish, although coverage of WebOS is significantly less than the threat of malware iOS.Does influence the decision on which phone to buy? If not, what is? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Market Overview December 2009: Fisher Capital Management

Market Overview December 2009: Fisher Capital Management - Stocks closed in October for the first time in seven months, as investors questioned whether the big event, plus a low in March has exceeded the capacity of the economy to generate growth production and profits.

In fact, stocks capped a volatile month (the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) had three-digit moves in ten sessions!) With a volatile week, as the S & P 500 had its worst time five days in July.

During the month, the Dow Jones in a small fraction of the revenue, while all other major market indices suffered losses. SmallCap, who had been among the first to meet the performance seven months has been the hardest hit, with the Russell 2000 fell nearly 7%. In another sign that the market is increasingly skeptical about the "higher risk, higher reward" strategy, the Nasdaq, dominated by technology companies, fell 3.6% in the month.

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